About us

Cedric Le Rouge, 
Founder-CEO and Consultant

Cedric Le Rouge, Founder - CEO of ADEXMA,  has dedicated 10+ years to elevating pricing, sales, and supply chain management for B2B Manufacturers and Wholesalers, especially in Building Materials, Medical Equipment, and Advanced Materials domains. Utilizing innovative technologies like Azure and Power BI, Cedric guides ADEXMA in crafting bespoke solutions that substantially refine pricing and revenue strategies, fortifying the financial stance of clientele. Cedric's acumen in pricing strategy is further accredited by an MIT Pricing Certification: Using Data to Improve Pricing Performance. A double alumnus of Cleveland State University, he holds an MBA focusing on Global Business and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. 

Bosko Maksimovic, 
CTO and Consultant 

Elite Business Solution, a distinguished partner of ADEXMA, specializes in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) data connections, which are crucial for seamless data integration and analysis. Their adeptness in leveraging Microsoft Azure enhances the robust data infrastructure, ensuring a streamlined flow of information from various ERP systems into actionable insights. This partnership fortifies ADEXMA's capability in transitioning B2B manufacturers to data-driven pricing models. Elite Business Solution’s expertise complements ADEXMA's mission, forming a synergy that empowers manufacturers to navigate the complex pricing landscape, boosting their competitive edge and profitability in the swiftly evolving manufacturing sector.

Louis Vernon, 

VP of Sales and Consultant

With 20+ years in international sales, Louis Vernon serves as ADEXMA's VP of Sales, focusing on enhancing B2B manufacturers' pricing and margin strategies. His multicultural experiences across Latam, Europe, and Asia, alongside fluency in four languages, uniquely position him to develop new business and distribution networks globally. His expertise spans International Business, Sales and marketing, and Distributor Management. At ADEXMA, Louis leverages his vast knowledge to help companies transition to data-driven pricing models, utilizing technologies like Azure and Power BI, significantly contributing to their competitive positioning and profitability in the evolving manufacturing sector. Louis holds a robust academic foundation with a Master's degree from CEFAM Centre d'Études Franco-Américain de Management, a BBA in Finance and Marketing from Temple University, and an MBA in International Business from the University of Richmond.