Bottom Line Improvement

ADEXMA (Adaptive Executive Management) helps European and American companies with their Bottom Line improvement with digital transformation and AI technologies. 

ADEXMA focus on value creation in the following industries: finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing. 

Bottom Line Improvement

Business Development

We help companies to grow international markets by providing market research and establishing a local market presence. 

Price Management

We provide a diagnostic, implement strategy, and monitor pricing performance. On average you get back 9 times your investment.

Supply Chain Management

We provide a diagnostic, implement strategy, and monitor supply chain performance. On average you get back 5 times your investment.

Digital Transformation & AI Technologies

Digital Transformation

Azure Cloud Services, Power Bi, Excel, and Python

To ensure results, we build custom dashboards to improve and monitor key performance indicators. By utilizing leading cloud providers, we integrate and centralize disparate technology solutions, allowing for a seamless, global digital workflow


Customer Relationship Solution

Zaion automates high volumes of calls and assists advisors on a daily basis. Discover Callbots, Voicebots, Chatbots, Messagingbots.

Our team

Our expertise and experience allows us to grow your business based on a proven methodology

Our Values

Problem Solving: Through creativity and commitment, we continuously strive to deliver impactful benefits for our clients.

Teamwork: We actively engage and collaborate with others. We foster diversity and an inclusive environment with our team, clients, and community.

Respectful: We provide consistent performance and quality. We treat team members, clients, and others with respect always.


CEO, Cedric leads our team with creativity and commitment. He continuously strives to deliver impactful benefits for our clients.
-- my story --
After growing my responsibilities to become a principal advisor of the American subsidiary of a multibillion dollar privately owned French company, I experienced a major restructuring triggered by the 2008 financial crisis.
Because of that, I needed to grow the company despite an economic crisis. I led change management and learned about the challenges of a multicultural business environment.
This is why I aligned my purpose to solve problems for international businesses, and ever since then I have been growing a team to help companies that have operational challenges. 


Digital Transformation team lead, Bosko has a pragmatic approach. He keeps you focused on delivering results and great UX. 
-- my story --

Holding the position of CTO of a firm that managed global distribution of marketing and technical information for Fortune 500 companies at the time of the .com bubble spurred my interest in three key areas: technology, global business solutions, and financial crisis management based on technology implementations.
That early experience led to us being able to bring global solutions to a number of clients, which in turn positioned them well for the 2008 financial crisis. We were able to leverage the global technology solutions to optimize supply chain, manufacturing, and financial management.
The recent adoption of cloud infrastructure from Tier 1 providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Google has allowed for truly global applications and data management at scale. We have deployed several technology and data analysis solutions across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC over the last two years alone. 


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